Ways to Help In COVID-19 Times

Looking for something positive you can do during COVID-19?

Here are a few ideas I have come across, and I will continue to update the list as I receive new information. If you have recommendations to add, please let me know!

Take Care of You and Yours

  • Then, double down on self-care – without feeling guilty about it – because we all need a little extra during COVID-19 times.
  • Learn something new, practice singing and dancing, try yoga, try meditation, do home workouts to keep the blood (and endorphins) flowing.
    • Free yoga classes with Ari_NYT – around an hour on weekends and 30 mins on weekdays
  • Read my blogs if you haven’t already!

Help Others

Now, here are a few ideas for helping outside of our own circles:

  • Get paired to help someone in need, for example through the C-19 Help Squad.
  • If you can, seek out how you can help those that are more vulnerable and those who can’t work from home and won’t be able to receive income during the quarantine.
    • Look for local organizations that are distributing food and resources to people in your community – often food banks and homeless shelters are well-positioned to do this and with your support can extend their services during these times.
    • Pledge to donate your stimulus check
    • Check for a “Virtual Tip Jar” in your area (google it for your area).
    • Forward your payment to the handyman, keep paying your dog walker or cleaning person if you have one and are able.
  • Support out of work musicians, for example through Sofa King.
  • Share ideas on how to help in meaningful and practical ways, according to your interests and experiences. Many people are giving free online yoga classes. People are sharing at-home kids activities and home-schooling materials.
  • For people with medical training, there’s the Medical Reserve Corps (but if you hear of a better-organized way to volunteer, please let me know si I can add it here).

The Future of the US

Most importantly, let’s help each other out and take care of ourselves too. Don’t ignore the anxiety and stress from the situation, accept and manage it by giving yourself some self time, by connecting with others – even if it’s phone calls and video chats.



Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas of how we can help, including: Monica Kang, Emily Tolos, Ian Tran, Katherine Buckingham, Melanie Vant, Michael MacHarg, Catherine H. Clark, Stephen Zerfas, Stuart Murphey, Adrian Reif, Alyzza May, Stacy Kane, Nora L, Ari Isaacman Bevacqua, Harvey Floyd II.