I am an adventurous soul, a world citizen, that loves life and this amazing planet, and I’m constantly fascinated by how it somehow continually sustains itself. An engineer at heart and by profession, I’m always curious to understand how it all works and how we are a part of it.

One of my many life mottos is to try to live so that I’m not just surviving, I’m thriving. And I fight for justice and equity – so everyone has the opportunity to do more than just survive.  Sometimes it’s easy to be jaded, but I believe it is possible – and necessary – to create a world built on respect and love for each other, always moving towards greater peace and tranquility amongst people… and also love and respect for the environment-those natural processes that give us life and sustain us, without which we would not be here.

Some of my life adventures have included…growing up in San Antonio, TX playing various sports (including being the first female football player in my middle school) and being surrounded by wonderful friends, running cross country as a collegiate athlete at Vanderbilt, studying to be a chemical engineer, moving to Washington, DC and working for a non-profit called Our Task, managing federal environmental programs in Washington, DC, working as an environmental engineer, volunteering with Engineers Without Borders on projects in El Salvador and Cameroon, traveling to Egypt, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tokyo, London…then enlisting in the Peace Corps and living in Peru for three years, and now traveling through South America.

I started this blog to share my Peace Corps Peru adventure, and I now continue to share my experiences traveling through South America, so that we can adventure together, learn a little more about the world and about ourselves, and discover creative ways to love and appreciate the world, ourselves, and each other.