Other Peace Corps Peru blogs

For other perspectives on Peru and Peace Corps, (and for when I’m slacking on posting new posts), check out the awesome blogs of my fellow Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and also the Peace Corps Peru Facebook page.

Wonder Marks the Road (Christie Ritter, Peru 27 WASH) https://wondermarkstheroad.wordpress.com/

Keep Your Eyes Open, My Love (Jenna, Peru 27 CED): https://jennakhouchins.wordpress.com/

Post Cards From Chels (Chelsie, Peru 27 CED): https://www.postcardsfromchels.com/

100 Letters Home (Brandon, Peru 27, CED): http://www.100lettershome.com/

Conmigo En Peru (Kayleigh, Peru 27, CED) https://conmigoenperu.wordpress.com/

Siyah En Peru (Brittany, Peru 23, Youth) siyahenperu.wordpress.com   (Blog It Home winner!)

No Sleep Till Peace (Brooklyn- Peru 23, CED, Lima): https://nosleeptillpeace.wordpress.com (Blog It Home winner!)

Mi Vida Hermosa En Peru (Kimmy, Peru 27, WASH): https://mividahermosaenperu.wordpress.com/

The Petersons New Groove (married couple serving in Peru): https://thepetersonsnewgroove.tumblr.com/

(Kevin, Peru 27 WASH): kevinperublog.wordpress.com